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    • Not sure about humour anymore Jacqui,iwould hate to be a comedy scriptwriter nowadays,here in the UK at anyrate,we used to have some fantastic comedy shows over my side of the puddle but alas no more.All wrecked by political corectness,ie,you can’t call a spade a spade,you have to call it a shovel.To have good comedy there has to be someone or something that takes the brunt of the joke.Nowadays everyone is a prima donna that mostly can’t take a joke especially if it contains race,creed or colour.Don’t get me wrong,I have friends of all shapes and sizes. and colours.But old comedy shows that were really funny can tbe shown anymore for fear of offending someone,so now comedy here is sterile and insular and for the most part incrediblhy unfunny.It is sad for me because I do like a good laugh.In todays society,laughter is all that keep a large part of the population sane.In a nutshell insanity sure does help to keep us sane.


      • Oh i can believe that Jacqui,i shook in my boots when i pressed the add friend button for us to be friends,having read some of your stuff beforehand.I thought if she cops the needle to this request,i am in for for some deep shit,and i don’t handle rejection to well as i am very shy.LOL


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