While most of the female baby boomers today are sweating it out, ranting and raving under the guise of Menopausal Madness, author Jacqui Brown has taken it one step further with her hilarious, guffaw-filled stories about surviving menopause in her new laugh out load book, “BITCH PLEASE!”


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 19, 2012 –If you ever get the chance to meet this hilarious author, you would, without a doubt, never use the words shy or reserved to describe Jacqui Brown. Her work has been compared to the late, great Erma Bombeck only with a 21st Century, nothing is off limits, twist.


When faced with the inevitable, menopause, Brown turns the table perfectly on this mid-life trauma as she address’s issues such as broken down libidos, unrequited boners, her 50-year-oldish gastrointestinal catastrophes’, as well as all the other fabulously funny tribulations brought on by the change of life, and she does it with such humor you will find yourself first commiserating and then laughing out loud as you relate to each short story.


“Jacqui Brown is smart, funny and witty!” said friend and fellow comedienne Cynthia Gold. “Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down! It made my day!”


Brown is a former reporter, and has written several other books including a memoir “Dancing With The Devil” and it’s hilarious sequel “Recovery’s A Bitch!…as if menopause alone wasn’t bad enough!”


She is a mother, wife, comedienne, artist, and author extraordinaire, and as she likes to call herself, A Goddess of Menopause. Her humor knows no bounds when it come to telling tales about everyday occurrences brought on my ‘the curse of aging’. She lives in Sherman Oaks, California with her husband, two children, and her beloved Golden Retriever ‘Miles’.


This book is available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle.


For more information about “BITCH PLEASE!”, please visit or contact the author directly at (818) 288-0037 or by email @





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