Obesity Takes Another Hit On Airplanes…

Airlines are now forcing Obese passengers to purchase a second seat on all of their planes. I just happened to be sitting next to one such passenger last week. 

We were in Row 3, seats B & C. 

Me: You don’t look very comfortable sir. Are you traveling alone?
Him: No…My better half is in Row 29 because they couldn’t find 2 seats together!

Roving Street Marketers Piss Me Off…

I hate them…I really do!

Every time I’m sitting in Starbucks, some girl picks me out of ALL the other women in the place and asks me if I’d like to buy a spa package.

NO!!!!! I don’t want to buy a fucking spa package.

She leaves but then I sit there wondering whether I look like shit or I look like I have money to spend?

Gun Laws Vary…

There’s a lot of controversy over guns these days. This guy got shot 11 times by the police the other day in California right near where I live.  I grew up in Canada. There, they only shoot you 8 or 9 times because of the exchange rate.