*****5 Star Review The Long Road To Heaven

“Having read the first book about a dog named Beau, and having enjoyed the first book in this 2 part series, I just had to know how this amazing and intrepid animal got on in his quest for the good life that he once enjoyed. As with the first book, I was not disappointed. This book plots Beau’s journey back to a better life and takes him on his onward journey to realise his dreams. I highly recommended this second book “The Long Road To Heaven”, but if you have not read the first book then it is a must to read that one first “Trying to avoid cars”. Both books are well worth the read, and Jacqui Brown seems to have empathy with her subjects be them human or animal.”

One thought on “*****5 Star Review The Long Road To Heaven

  1. I could not have said it any better than this 5 Star Review. I loved reading “Trying to Avoid Cars” then continued “Long Road to Heaven” while on safari in Africa. Beau will become your new BFF. Jacque you wrote a wonderful story.

    JERRI Sent from my iPhone


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