Beau….they LOVE you!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Love, love, love this writer!!, February 25, 2014
This review is from: Trying To Avoid Cars… (Paperback)

Anyone who loves dogs is going to love this book! Touching, funny, compassionate!! Jacqui is one of my favorite writers, but I especially love this book, because it touches a very special place in the heart of every dog lover. Told from a dog’s perspective, you realize it’s not always easy living a “dog’s life” and she puts a unique spin on just how challenging it actually is. Laugh and cry as you read this book and then go give your dog a big kiss as you realize how lucky you both really are! Thanks Ms. Brown!!!

Phone Sex….

I was out of town recently when a rare bout of horniness hit me.
You menopausal women will understand this completely.
When the irons hot strike…..right?
Anyway, I decided to call the hubby for a little hot phone sex, something I think is kind of fun after all these years.
As soon as I heard the phone pick up I just started in.
I was all ‘oh…..yes…….yes…….YES!
About 1 minute in, I heard someone yelling on the other end of the line and and it distracted me so I picked it up.
“WHAT?” I said.
“Um, Ma’am, you need to dial 9 for an outside line!”

Valentine’s FAIL…

Last year I got a new toilet for Valentines day! So be it….I needed a new one!

Seems like something always breaks around gift time and, well, I’m a practical gal so I ask for what I need rather than what I want.

This year however, nothing was broke, soooooo, hubby bought me something personal.

Yep, I got new Spanx! Black, shiney –  Spanx!

In return for this gift, this father’s day I will be giving him something interesting too!

I made him a profile on E-Where’

Swooning, Humbled, Grateful….

5.0 out of 5 stars
Made me want to adopt Beau myself!! February 13, 2014
A lovely book about this endearing pooch desperately trying to find someone to call mans best friend. Adapting to all and any situation that life throws at him to have a place called home. There’s this saying, ”A dog may be only a part of your life, but to him he is your whole world”. That quote really struck home with me when I read this book. I felt for Beau, and can bet when you read this book you will feel it too. With so many twists and turns this book has to offer, your emotions won’t be able to keep up!

I definitely recommend this book to pet and non-pet owners alike.

Inspiration #11…SWOONING!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Beau = Beautiful! Feb. 11 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I wanted to rate 10 stars, but the only option is 5… not nearly enough, but OK… 5 it is!

Beau (the star of this book) is beautiful, Jacqui (the author) is beautiful, in her writing and her caring for the characters in the story. Jacqui places the reader right inside Beau’s head. You will feel his angst, his pain, his joy all the way through the book. Jacqui is (little ‘b’) beau, and I LOVE her writing! I cannot wait to read the sequel, The Long Road To Heaven”. Well done Jacqui! And long live Beau!

10 5 (FIVE) ***** REVIEWS…Love my readers!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful!, February 10, 2014
“This is an absolutely sweet book, a breezy emotional roller coaster chock-full of smiles, chuckles, guffaws and a few tears. Beau is as real as it gets, flaws and all. Yet how easy is it to get invested in these crazy canine adventures? Dog owners will recognize themselves (and their pups), sometimes with embarrassment and sometimes with affection. If ever a book was meant for the animated silver screen, this is it. And the end? Well let’s just say … the road beckons … as does the sequel. Bring it on Beau!”