I was at my pharmacy this afternoon…

….naaaah, just kidding

….I was at the liquor store!


3 thoughts on “Self-Medication…

    • Me….sunshine? I would have thought it would be more like The Dark Side Of The Moon!!! You’re too sweet!! How did you like the book?? What is a Sunshine award anyway!


      • I LOVED THE BOOK! My wife is now reading it. Yes, your edgy, crude, terrifyingly honest, yet you are funny and refreshing. The award is a PR thing, Look at my post and you’ll get it. You have to answer 10 questions, (which I wrote ;)) and nominate 10 more people. I have over 11,000 followers here and am on 9 different other sites. I wanted to make sure certain people got some recognition. There is a link to your site from my post. You don’t have to do it, that’s up to you. It does take a little time.


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