Mother Arrested for ‘F’ Bomb….Pfft!

Mother arrested in New York for dropping the ‘F’ word in front of her kids?

I think the first time my daughter (and the rest of the hospital staff) actually heard that word was during that final push during her birth. It was a pretty tough long labor and as I remember it, it went something like this:

HUSBAND: Breathe honey…come on…you can do this….
ME: (eyeballs bulging) Hoo….Hooo….Hooooooo……..SHIT!!!!!
ME: (being push up and forward so I could stare towards my now surely broken vagina) …Oh My God, get the fuck out! No really… get the. fuuuuuuck. out!

I guess I should be thankful they didn’t have surveillance camera’s in those rooms back then or they’d have been hauling my ass off to jail right off the delivery table!


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