4 thoughts on “Bitch, Please…….

  1. Other than the humor in relaying the stories, I just can’t understand why you would allow this stuff. Combination locks on their door so you can’t get in their room? Yer outta here. Don’t clean up after yourselves? Yer outta here. Girlfriends living there and taking over other rooms? Yer outta here. Period. End of story. Get the kids out. Keep the lovely home.

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  2. LOVE IT!!!!!! And yes it is time to down size….the house and the kids🤨 Time for the little darlings to man up and move on.
    I love you to bits but you gotta be thinking about you almost seniors (😛🤓😢) being comfortable baby girl.
    I adore having my space back and I see Blayr everyday…she is doing doggy day care while I work in leigh’s office…I pick up the mutt after work and we shoot the shit every night….sometimes I stay for dinner and wine and a movie…so yah it’s nice.

    Move out, move up and move on🤩
    Love you lots
    Big Sis.
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