(Photo taken at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books book signing)

I’m a mother doing what mother’s do. I clean, wipe butts, mend wounds and pants, shop, cook, and then I clean some more. I’ve been pursuing my dream of writing for a long time now. I try to fit it in between the above and home schooling, sex and the above, and whatever else pops up on a daily basis. I try to stay fit because I just can’t fathom letting myself go any more than I’ve already gone. I have my ups and down, good days, bad days, and days where staying in bed is “THE CHOICE” of the day.

I am an award-winning reporter with nearly a decade of experience in journalism. I received two ‘Star Reporter’ awards (2003/2004) for my dedication and commitment to excellence in journalism from the Valley Star, and also received a ‘Woodstien’ award (2003) for investigative journalism. I earned a pair of silver handcuffs (odd—I know) for my diligent cops and crime coverage and have received several merit certificates for my dedication as a reporter. I worked full time for The Los Angeles Times in their community news division covering education, breaking news, entertainment, and freelance on and off for several local newspapers.  I have retired from full time employment to spend more time enjoying my family and completing a follow up novel called Recovery’s A Bitch. I am also working on two other novels and a screenplay.

If you would like to contact me you can shoot me an e-mail at:

6 thoughts on “ME

  1. Humm….. “silver cuff” award…..I would like to run something by you that could very much be of interest to you. It’s good documentary information and something right up your ally it seems…we should discuss this at your leisure.


  2. Hey there,

    It’s me from the Swearing and Sweet-Talk blog. I enjoyed your old blog about humor in the news, but this one is WAY better. As I get older, I start to appreciate personal honesty more and more. There’s something so awesome about an individual with the strength to get up and reveal they weird workings of their mind, and their unique perspective on all the little things that make up a life.

    Best of luck. I’ll be reading.



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