My Debut Single Is Now Available!

Every download puts me closer to my goal of being able to fund scholarships to those who need a little help back up, so please, spend that $0.99 and be part of the healing process! Bless you.

The entire CD will be released this summer on Woodward Avenue Records!


Also available on Amazon:


Men are so simple. Right before we left the house for my last comedy show, my husband suggested we have sex so it would calm my nerves and make me relax.

Guess who curled up in the back row of the club to have a nap while I was on stage?

LAUNCH DAY!!! The HOPE Project

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The ‘HOPE’ Project’s goal is to inspire those who may be losing hope, losing themselves or losing the idea that life might never be different for them! This could be your mother, your father, your brother, your sister or your best friend. Or, it could be someone you cross paths with by chance.

It’s incredibly simple to participate. All you have to do is purchase a copy of
‘Rest, Relax, Restore’ An Inspirational Healing Coloring Book for yourself (Available on AMAZON) and an extra 1 that you can bundle with a pack of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. Bag the coloring book, pencils and sharpener in a clear plastic freezer bag and throw it in your car or your purse so that the next time you see someone who seems down on their luck or out of sorts you can give them this gift! It will be paying your own good fortune forward!!! ( You might also include a gift card to a local eatery or your local grocery store so that you provide at least one meal for them if your choice is someone who may be homeless!)

Sometimes, all it takes is a kind gesture to brighten up someone’s day. To make them feel like someone cared for them, even if it was just for one moment. Sometimes that one moment can make a huge difference!

My deepest, heartfelt hope for this project is that WE CAN ALL HELP INSPIRE at least one person who crosses our path!

Compassion. Empathy. Mindfulness. Kindness.
That’s what should make the world go round!

THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! Please note that a portion of the money raised from the book will be funding bundles of books to go to shelters, rehabs and food gift cards.

Jacqui Brown




I was having such a bad mood swing the other day, the hubby suggested we take a nice long drive in the car. I had no idea how comfortable the trunk of my KIA was!

Yeah, right!

My husband will not read a book, but by God, he can recite verbatim, every article or published study on why sperm in a woman’s body is extremely good for her health.

HIM: Seriously, it says specifically that it makes you sleep better!

ME: Yeah, if you’re the sperm donor!