My Debut Single Is Now Available!

Every download puts me closer to my goal of being able to fund scholarships to those who need a little help back up, so please, spend that $0.99 and be part of the healing process! Bless you.

The entire CD will be released this summer on Woodward Avenue Records!


Also available on Amazon:


Men are so simple. Right before we left the house for my last comedy show, my husband suggested we have sex so it would calm my nerves and make me relax.

Guess who curled up in the back row of the club to have a nap while I was on stage?


I was having such a bad mood swing the other day, the hubby suggested we take a nice long drive in the car. I had no idea how comfortable the trunk of my KIA was!

Yeah, right!

My husband will not read a book, but by God, he can recite verbatim, every article or published study on why sperm in a woman’s body is extremely good for her health.

HIM: Seriously, it says specifically that it makes you sleep better!

ME: Yeah, if you’re the sperm donor!


Holy crap! My body is so sore.

Ever since I read that article titled: THE BIGGER YOUR BUTT, THE SMARTER YOUR KIDS…..I’ve been doing squats and exercises to build up my flat ass in hopes that the effect can be retroactive!